The project StressedSkins explores the use of an old steel working technique of incrementally formining thin metal sheets. In this digital context however with the use of an ABB Industrial Robots.

The project develops calculation and simulation methods that control the geometric forming of the steel, and incorporate the resulting material properties into the design process. Each panel is formed by a robot directly linked to a 3D computer model. The pattern on the each panel relates directly to the structural forces within it, and the need for rigidity.

The project team included Paul Nicholas and David Stasiuk.

The final design was a temporary entrace arch for the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen and was as a part of a series of projects under Complex Modelling exhibited from 13. April – 11. May 2015.

Complex Modelling is a Sapere Aude Advanced Research project granted by The Danish Council for Independent Research and undertaken by CITA (Centre for Information Technology and Architecture) at KADK. It investigates the infrastructures of our design models. By questioning the tools for integrating information across the expanded digital design chain, the project asks how to support feedback between different scales of design engagement moving from material design, across design, simulation and analysis to specification and fabrication.


Furhter readings on StressedSkins:
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Pictures by Anders Ingvartsen